Honor & Value The Janitor Always

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Perhaps you had this feeling about your local janitor once upon a time when you were still at high school. Too busy making other plans, you thought nothing much of your janitor other than him being the guy that cleans your toilets and sweeps and mops your hallways. But how clean and hygienic it turned out to be, did it not. Without the old janitor’s work, your health, wellbeing and safety could have been negatively impacted.

It wasn’t. because your school had a janitor. All schools need them and have them. Office blocks and factory premises require the professional janitorial cleaning lansdowne pa service as well. The professional and honest to goodness reliable janitor is also known as the custodian. That is a professional term without a doubt. Huge responsibilities rest on his shoulders at all times. Think back once more to your high school days.

Maybe you made little light of it at the time, always thinking about your after school practice and the great future ahead of you, but didn’t you always feel safe. And if you didn’t really have this feeling, weren’t you always safe. In the school environment, the school’s principal and governing parent body should always regard the janitor as one of the important members of the staff body. In his own way, he is something of an educator himself.

Keeping premises safe and clean, he quietly leads by example. And on the highest commercial and industrial levels, this fine gentleman and his obedient team continue to make invaluable contributions towards providing property owners and businesses with good risk management of their premises and keeping costs to a minimum. You should never underestimate the work of the janitor. You should honor and value him always.