Ins and Outs of Custom Framing

When it comes to hanging up treasured family photos or putting our photography or art on display, it’s easy to head to the nearest retailer and grab a bunch of simple frames for cheap. The truth is, however, that frames are just for display. They’re meant to protect the art they hold. A cheap frame won’t protect your photographs and posters from humidity, dry air, or whatever havoc your family may wreak on them. Custom framing your pictures and paintings is the best way to preserve those images and works of art that are important to you.

Custom framing also helps ensure that you are putting your art on the best display possible. You certainly don’t want to trim wedding photos taken by an event photography elbow lake mn expert to get it to fit. The best piece of your photograph or painting is the whole thing. Custom framing allows professionals to choose a frame for the art it’s to hold and protect as well as make sure the frame fits perfectly.

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Professional can also help you create a vision for your project. Are you decorating a whole wall in your home or just installing a piece over the fireplace? What kind of frame would best fit your overall design? What works with your art best and what pulls the room together? Custom framing allows you to personalize your project instead of having to select from a limited amount of sizes and designs from a major retailer who only circulate their products every so often.

There is also a misconception about custom framing. Just because you haven’t walked out of a store and purchased a frame with your own two hands doesn’t mean that you have to wait weeks for your finished product. Talk to your professional and let them know what you want, and let them work with you.